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Thread: Dealership issue

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    Dealership issue

    I wanted to save my Dealer coupon, but he wouldn't take TCash. When I logged in later the Dealer wanted payment again. I placed a request for assistance. Please restart my Dealer. My team is Turbo Team #URKFQM, I am the Leader Sugar Bear Square

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    Thank you!!

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    The dealer coupon is for one use only, so if you already hired him with it, it’s done.

    If you’re trying to rehire him for the 10 days and he just vanishes when you click the tcash button to buy him, try clicking right on the left hand edge of the button and you should be able to hire him then.
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    Thanks Nevada, I just noticed the same problem, and tapping on the left edge of the cash button like you said worked.

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    Thank you this helped me too!

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    City market

    Today I have been unable to purchase the market for 10 days. It would only allow me to purchase 5 days. Is there a solution to this?

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    Click on the left border of the button instead of the middle. We can buy the 10 days that way until the problem get solved in a futur update.

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    I tried to purchase the dealer with t-cash, too, but it wouldn’t let me until I used my coupon. Once I used the coupon, it let me use my t-cash to buy him for ten days. What if I wanted to save my coupon? Is this a bug, too? Or is it intended to be that way?

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    Exclamation Dealership issue ...

    Attempting to purchase the dealer for 10 days for $72 (20% off) and although I have $87 in my account it will not let me complete the purchase ... It gives me the option to purchase 5 or 1 day but not let me click on the 10 day option.

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    People have reported a "Hot Spot" issue with the 10 day option. That is, the place where the game expects you to "tap" is *NOT* exactly where it displays the "green purchase box" so that if you tap the green box the game closes the window as if you tapped anywhere else. The actual "Hot Spot" seems to be just to the "left" of the center of the box and includes some of the box but not all. So, experiment on where to tap to get the desired result.

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