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    My city has no land to explore, what should I do with the tools related to it. There is 3 kinds of them.

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    I'm baffled how anyone who has been playing long enough to buy all the land expansions in both town and zoo doesn't already know the answer to this question. Was it meant to be rhetorical?

    You can sell off the surplus from the barn. You might want to hang on to at least some, as we have been getting 2 or 3 land expansions in updates pretty regularly.

    If you plan to sell some, you might want to wait for a regatta coin task.
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    that's funny, I understood the question as coming from a newcomer, who didn't find out yet how to advance
    (no "anymore" in the sentence, but could be a language thing)
    In that case I'd still be amazed, how one can't find out by clicking around and/or looking in the ingame help.

    Let's see whether it'll be cleared up.

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    I took "no land to explore" as meaning no more expansions. So, yes, maybe I've misunderstood.

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    I thought I had (+ posted only cos you said you were 'baffled').

    Either way, we were both amazed, lol. Now am curious whether they come back (at all) and will clarify their question.

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    N00b or Experienced Player, the advice is the same:

    Land expansion materials are more difficult to come by, proportionally lower in frequency than the Building Materials. Every now and again we get new expansions in the game so if you are lucky enough to have accumulated a pile of these, save at least enough for "N" times the number in the last expansion you did where "N" is the number of expansions you guesstimate will be in the "future".

    So, the last set of expansions were about 19 of each type (not exactly but close enough for an estimate). I'm capping my savings at 60 of each expecting 3 more expansions (combo of town and zoo). If my barn space gets tight I'll sell any excess. If it gets *really* tight, I'll sell some of the 60 saved up (more will slowly come).

    If you're at a lower level and are waiting for some CB or House to build before you can buy another expansion, you know exactly how many you need so save just that many for now.

    A lot of people think that barn management gets easier after you build everything there is, zoo, town, expansions. It doesn't. For example, two updates ago introduced a new CB (Pool Hall) and a zoo enclosure (Anteaters). To do both took over 400 slabs and nearly 300 each of bricks and glass. Most barns, even of higher level players, will have some difficulty storing 1300 or so tools without some compromises.

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