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Thread: Problem uploading my picture from facebook

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andromeda View Post
    So i am connected to facebook, i just upload my picture but i wish to have it at township. One of my colleague told me that she can see my picture but i do not see it...she said i have to wait. Yes? This is it? How long? I wait since Sunday.....or maybe only other can see not me? I am not a computer person......😔
    One of the fastest ways to get your fb picture to show up in to uninstall/reinstall the game. I do this each time I change out my picture and it has updated everytime.

    (just may not always work...)
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    Thanks everyone for telling me things (this forum and Playrix are not connected) that I already know. Maybe one day the members of this forum will stop treating me as if I were some mindless imbecile. Even the wording I use is continually scrutinized, deleted, attacked, etc. If you read my original comment, anyone can see that I was referring to Playrix as a third party, but somehow people still think I am so impaired that I am trying to converse with the developers through this forum.

    Again, I have contacted Playrix in their own forum regarding issues that needed to be addressed directly with them. I know how, have done it, didn't ask for assistance. THANKS.

    Like many others, I come HERE to vent with other players about the game. But every time I do, someone assumes I am some hapless moron that got themselves LOST on the way to the correct party

    I don't know why I ever expect to be warmly included instead of being 'handled' by moderators and over-zealous others in this forum after this continual weirdness. I actually got chastised and humiliated, my comment deleted for use of the word ' cra- ' claiming that I had cursed!!!

    If you can't see the lunacy in this WAY over the top level of total control, then I simply have no words.

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    And no, Twighlight Bookworm, the option of reloading the game did nothing each time I tried it, to resolve to photo update delay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyphre View Post
    Thanks everyone for telling me things (this forum and Playrix are not connected) that I already know. ...
    You're welcome.

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    Facebookの方の画像を更新しましたが、 切り替わりません

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