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Thread: Interseasonal question: How do I get the max co-op rewards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    Just one point of clarification - the player will get rewards from the first 9 chests completed in which you have a task. This might not be the same chests as the first nine tasks you completed.

    Say you have finished 11 tasks. The first 8 are in chests that have since been completed but other tasks in your ninth chest are still being worked. If the other two tasks in your chest 10 get finished first, then that will become your ninth reward chest.

    In other words, you need to be careful which tasks you take until you nine bests chests are finished. This is the point where some coops start working select tasks in wooden chests then dumping the partial chest before it is completed.
    Great point to clarify! Thanks Mayfield.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit Warrior View Post
    So basically what I should do is complete a bunch of easy tasks that I can do quickly and then dump the chests to hopefully respawn precious chests and then only fully complete the precious chests. Got it.
    To get the team points done and out of the way...wooden and iron are the best for quick task. However...if you don't want them as a reward...don't complete all 3 tasks.

    Then work on Precious and Gold for the personal 9, if that is what you are wanting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    Precious chests contain at least one, usually two really hard tasks, more difficult than required for 135 points. For example, zoo is 13 orders vs the 11 needed for regular 135 tasks, they often ask for 5 planes instead of 4. If you are a solo coop, trying to do only precious chests means you will be doing the equivalent of 27 135 tasks with at least half being even harder/ longer. If you are not playing solo, you also need to consider whether other coop members can do other tasks in the chest.

    Frankly, the additional rewards are not really worth it, imo, especially if you factor in the quantity of tcash you would likely spend rushing things. I usually do a mix of precious and gold and they give mostly the same items. We just get a slightly larger quantity in the Precious chest, say 6 of something instead of 4.
    Idk they seemed pretty good last time. 6 free-load tickets and 3 gold bars. Gold bars are highest valued bar imo. Also I don't spend t cash to rush anything. No point.

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