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Thread: Send Now notification in airport

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    Send Now notification in airport

    Hi, i wanted to leave a suggestion to implement a pop up notification or something like that which will inform/alert us to tap the "Send Now" button in airport before last 5 mins of its dispatch, only if all 3 conveyor belts are indicating green signal.

    I woke up all night to fill my plane crate requirements and finally managed to succeed in that on last 5 minutes before the plane was about to leave, wasting my personal time & in-game resource -- eventually gaining nothing from it at all. After filling those crates i waited last 5 minutes 'gloriously' to see my products go away with the plane on its own without my physical intervention because i didn't knew that you are SUPPOSED to do that manually.

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    that result is a pity after all your work. I can also understand how it happened - we are used to planes and trains going away at the shown time on their own.
    Unfortunately, at the moment it is intended to work that way as you experienced it now - Playrix doesn't do much supervision work for us. Same with time of boosters or the dealer - they show it, but don't warn you about. You must watch it yourself.
    Just saying, why it could be that your wish might not be implemented (soon).

    Meanwhile, it would be good if you checked the ingame help for new stuff in your game, new buildings etc. How it works... It's behind the cog top left, "Help and Support".
    Or also here in browser, for the Airport:

    That gives a warning exactly about what should not have happened
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    If it helps, you can turn on your notifications for planes, and you'll receive an alert on your device when the plane is about to take off. It should be something like "hurry and load your plane with goods" or something along those lines, don't remember the exact wording.

    But keep in mind that this won't help while you're in the game, doing other stuff, it works just like other app notifications.
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