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Thread: seasonal task problem

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    seasonal task problem

    Hello, following the race that has just ended I meet for the second time the same problem that I had at another regatta, the meter tells me that I can do 11 tasks but get to the tenth the game m ' indicates that I did all my tasks (counter displaying 10/11) !! So I have to pay to do the eleventh when one of my members managed to do these 11 tasks without problems and to pay to make it a twelfth (counter displaying 12/11), why this difference ??

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    is it possible that you timed out of a task(failed to complete in the time indicated) or deleted a task after you started? that will cause you to not be able to do the full number of tasks. in that case you are penalized for the task lost by not being allowed to do all 11 tasks for the specific week of regatta only. if you didn't time out or delete a task after you started it you may want to submit a ticket in-game to see if support can help you identify the problem.

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