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Thread: Block Reserved Tasks from other Coop Members

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    Block Reserved Tasks from other Coop Members

    My Coop (Worker Bees) would like to suggest that reserved tasks be locked so other members can’t take them.
    We have had to kick members out recently, because they kept stealing others’ tasks. If this continues, we may lose good players because of trust issues, and not having a positive experience within our Coop.

    Jenny Reese

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    This has been requested many times but some people object.

    Personally I think it makes total sense to prevent others from taking a reserved task, as long as coop leader and co-leaders can remove the reserve if they find it problematic, maybe also elders.

    It would be nicer to demote a player than boot them altogether.

    Some people only look at this as a matter of finding out who to blame but imo that's a peripheral matter. The real issue is somebody has sent boats off somewhere, or invested time and resources tying up a factory with a load of something, or cleared fields and planted dozens of trees or whatever, only to be left with no task for those items and a game that will need some time to recover from those efforts. Imo preventing it is the issue, not knowing where to point the finger.

    Also, you may want to revisit your coop rules for reserves. Some coops simply say no reserves allowed. Some put a time limit, asking members not to leave reserves on the board more than 2 or 3 hours. Other limit the kind of tasks that can be reserved (like only boats, factories and crops over 1 hour). My coop has a rule against reserving House of Luck.

    Each coop needs to figure out how best to make reserves work for everybody. You may find that when you have a group consensus about reserves, people will be more likely to respect them.
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    ... just that IMO players whom you can't trust and who don't follow the Coop rules, are not "good" players.

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    For me this needs to be an option that can be toggled on and off as not every co-op works in the same way.

    In our co-op if nobody has prepped a factory or island task we dump them, we don't reserve them while we send boats etc. We use reserves to say I have this task prepped, I will take it when I have finished my current task. Please don't dump it. The understanding within the co-op is that if anyone else has the task prepped and can take it quicker they are free to do so.

    This works well for us, the same way enforced 12 hour reservations may work for other co-ops.

    Not against the idea as long as it is an option and one co-ops style of play isn't forced on to all of us.

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    I REALLY hope the developers add an option or toggle to lock out task reserves from being taken by other players during some or all of the task reserve's timer.

    I too have had to kick out members who repeatedly took task reserves without communicating. Some of the times, I can tell they don't speak the language of our co-op, but I have to remove them to keep my co-op peaceful & thriving.

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