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Thread: Alicia’s character design! Please answer.

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    Alicia’s character design! Please answer.

    Hi! I was wondering if the character Alicia (the jogging girl) was based off of the character Aoi Asahina from Danganronpa. Their character designs are extremely similar. Plus when you reach level 56 Alicia asks you to build a donut shop and in Danganronpa Aoi Asahina’s favorite food is a donut. I feel like they’re too similar for it to be a coincidence.

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    Hi Entrapdak welcome to the forum . I wasn't familiar with the character you mention so had to look it up. I have to say I don't see the similarity at all.

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    Really? They seem pretty similar to me. Both have the same color scheme for clothing, blue shorts, red shirt/jacket, same body type, same skin color, hair is in a bun, and they’re both athletes.
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    They're very similar. Probably a coincidence tho

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    It could well be as the OP says, why not All we need is a Dev / grafix person who knows that character and surroundings.
    I saw they even have their own Wiki, so not that small a fanbase.

    We have several characters ingame who remind players of some actor or the like.

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    Oh it could be. I just don't see the likeness. They look very different IMO. I don't think they are the same colour at all. They might wear their hair up, but to me their hair is not the same either.

    ETA Disclaimer: I do not profess to be gifted with a strong sense of observation, Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    Oh it could be. I just don't see the likeness. ...
    I think we got that the first time already.

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    I'm with Downton here, as an artist I think they are very different.
    The similarity is only that they are both athletes.

    Alicia's jacket has a lot of white in it. Her hair is not the same shade, and has a different style of pony tail.
    Alicia's eyes are brown, Aois eyes are blue.
    Skin Color is a very different shade. Alicia is very much lighter.
    Alicia is 3D whereas Aoi is anime.

    I can understand why you may think they are alike because they are both athletes. However if you search for athlete characters done by artists and not
    photos you might see they all tend to have a certain look about them.

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