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Thread: Dealer needs to be hired each time and not 1 day?!

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    Question Dealer needs to be hired each time and not 1 day?!

    My mom play this game every day and notice that dealer has to be hire after each search.

    She tells me that she hires the dealer, make the search, get the items, wait the rest time (1H), but if she needs to do another search, she needs to hire again, EVERY TIME. So, is it right?!

    Today she hired at 10 am, now, at 2pm she hired again, so, didn't the hire supposed to lasts 24 hours?

    I dont know how this works but seems wrong, if says 1 day, it have to last for 24 hours not one search.

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    There are different ways to hire the dealer.

    A dealer coupon is good for only a single purchase. If she has been using those what she is seeing is normal.

    The tcash buys get us one day (24 hours) to use him, the others buy us 5 days or 10 days. If she used tcash to buy the dealer for 1, 5, or 10 days, she should have been able to make multiple purchases from him, waiting an hour in between purchases.

    If your mom has purchased the dealer with tcash and is not getting access to him for the stated duration, then something sounds wrong. She can submit a support ticket from within her game using the little settings gear, then Help and Support, then Contact Us. Submitting any problem reports from within the game gives them information that will help them understand and diagnose the problem.
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    But it seems that you have to use all your dealer coupons for one-time-hiring before being allowed to hire him for a longer period. So, if your mom had free coupons she will have used them.

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