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Thread: Regatta tasks starting when dumping tasks

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    Regatta tasks starting when dumping tasks

    I have had 2 members of my team tell me that when they attempted to dump a task it started. When it happened the first time I thought my player probably just made a mistake. The second time had me wondering if there might be a glitch with the new update. I know a lot of teams have a rule to not dump if you aren't currently in a task so that mistakes are not made. We will start doing that going forward.

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    Not sure what you mean by started. Strictly speaking, regatta starts for all of us at the same moment.

    Are you saying they could open the race tab and see the other coops in your group even before anyone had actually taken a task?

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    I think the OP says the member had taken the tasks instead of dumping them.

    I've heard of that before. Might be a glitch in co-working with server delays in refreshing and maybe ppl clicking too fast or too often.
    I don't remember, Avonleacc, whether anyone ever reported it and its possible outcome (probably nothing, but if it's a glitch w/ the update, Playrix would hear more reliably about it that way).
    You can try, i.e. the players it happened to, but your workaround* is probably more helpful/realistic for your Coop.

    * BTW, your folks will still have to be careful, cos ppl have also accidentally dumped their current task this way...
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    I think they are saying that someone attempted to "dump" as task from the task board and instead it acted as if they hit the "start" button so that they now "own" the task.

    And yes, it seems more likely that they made a mistake as I nor anyone in my co-op has reported such a strange happening and we have mix of all 3 platforms (no Mac or Windows though)

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    I have had that happen to me as well, and so have others in my coop.

    That's why I made a suggestion earlier that the devs let us buy more than one extra task. I don't mean let us have more than 16 tasks that count (or whatever the limit for that league) but to replace lower point tasks taken by mistake or tasks lost for other errors (like falling asleep instead of making the last wool collection).

    The really hard part of making these mistakes is that the whole coop suffers for it and it makes the player feel awful. That's why giving us the ability to recover by buying a replacement task would be nice. After we've bought the first extra task, before they give the "all tasks have been completed" screen, they could give us a screen with a Purchase Replacement Task button. They could maybe skip that screen if player is already at 135 max.

    Devs should approve of another way to spend tcash, right?
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    I did this several weeks ago. Am in a 2-member co-op with my sister. I was so upset I we decided to take a break, but would drop out of gold. So we are taking every other week. My sister just did had the same problem this morning. She tried to dump a 133 task and game started the task. On the first task, you do not get an option "are you sure you want to take this task?" it just starts. Township is not fun any more. I have been on 1.5 years and my sister 2.5 years. Same problems -- same complaints. Complained within game but just get an automated answer. I agree with you Mayfield, it makes the player feel awful, like they let their co-op down. I love the 3 new expansions; love my little town, but regattas are no fun anymore. Too much stress. Playrix needs to allow people to correct an honest mistake -- even if it costs tcash -- I would be happy to pay it!

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    I did mean that they meant to "dump" a task from the task board and instead it treated it as a start button. When the first person reported the problem I thought she must have just made a mistake. When half an hour later it happened to someone else I had my doubts. We had all just updated to the new halloween theme. We have been racing together for a few months and this has never happened before. At this point we made a rule that you cannot dump tasks unless you have a task. So it won't happen to us again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avonleacc View Post
    ... At this point we made a rule that you cannot dump tasks unless you have a task. So it won't happen to us again.
    as mentioned above: be careful that you don't meet the other bug, where ppl have dumped their own current task instead of the one from the board. Also "swore" they clicked in the right spot. Working slowly might help against it. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avonleacc View Post
    At this point we made a rule that you cannot dump tasks unless you have a task. So it won't happen to us again.
    I've developed a phobia about dumping tasks now. My new strategy is to leave the last item for my current task uncollected until there is a new task I can take.

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    If we try to dump a task and the game tries to start the task instead, shouldn't we still get a screen like this?


    If we get this far and don't hit start but close the box by tapping X, do we lose a task or are we good?

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