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Thread: how many tasks required in interseasonal to get all co-op goal rewards?

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    how many tasks required in interseasonal to get all co-op goal rewards?

    How many tasks have to be completed for a co-op to get all the co-op goal rewards in an interseasonal regatta? I assume it depends on the number of players in the co-op, but I haven't been able to find a list anywhere.

    Are there any strategies to make it easier to get all the rewards and are the personal chests more valuable than the co-op goal rewards?

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    It varies by how many people are taking tasks.

    Using some unknown formula based mostly on how many members have been racing in recent weeks, the game establishes the required number for each chest level for your coop, tho it only shows us the first one. If you have about the same number of players racing every week, that would be pretty much your base number.

    As long as that number of racers or fewer take tasks, the number of tasks for the chests will remain in effect. If additional people start also taking tasks, the number we see for the next chest is not affected, but the number of tasks needed for any chests after that will go up.

    If fewer people are racing during Interseasonal, the task requirements do not go down. They are still based on how many people you had racing in recent weeks.
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    Please don't take it as gospel, but the average of my experience has been 14.5 per player in the team averaged over the previous 2 weeks. This means all players, those racing and not racing.

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