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    Country Village

    The Country Village, is a new area from the tunnel to the south of the town near the event grounds.

    The new area at first release would contain around 4 to 6 'chapters'.
    This area contains a unique story line with 3 to 4 new citizens all with new tasks and challenges.
    In the new area you well help a citizen in each chapter to restore their cabin and farming / cooking speciality.
    After the completion of the chapter you will be able to send orders of 1 to 3 items to the village people to help you in the main town.
    After completing the chapter you will be able to open the next area and earn more rewards.

    Here is an examples:

    *Chapter 1 - sous chef Sam's house*
    Help Sam on repairing his kitchen, complete tasks with good to help Sam reach his dream.
    In return for fixing Sam's he will make a product for free every 3 hours to help you in your main town.
    1 product may be a brownie or two.

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    Sounds cool but to be honest I doubt the dev's would so it. But it sounds kinda cool.

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    yep, sounds nice, and like something new. sous chef Sam, huh?

    A few similar "connection" ideas are in the Frequently Suggested Ideas-list, under "Creative".
    Not sure the Devs have ever reacted to those - f.e. they have rather taken the zoo out (so to speak) and made a new and separate game of it (Wildscapes).
    And instead of chapters with a story connection, it's of course easier for them to stay with (the repetition of) separate events.

    But a change to something new there - and/or a return to "people all around the world working together", as the start page still often claims - would be nice!

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