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Thread: Items disappearing from Barn

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    Items disappearing from Barn


    I have noticed that some items are disappearing from the Barn. I had put items ready for the train and flight. But the numbers have reduced considerably and I had to get them all over again.

    I need help ASAP.


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    Hi Arnold welcome to the forum. We are mainly just players here. To get help resolving your issue you will need to report it to Customer Service from inside your game. If you require help on how to do this, click on one of the links provided below:

    How To Contact Township Support (iOS/Android/Kindle)

    If you are on Windows use this:

    How To Contact Township Support (Windows)

    It is important that you respond to automated questions and responses in order to get put through to an actual CS agent (and keep your ticket/query open). Please bare in mind it can take a few days for an agent to reply to your query .

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