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Thread: 09.10 The Newest Update IS OUT (iOS, Android, Mac)

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    09.10 The Newest Update IS OUT (iOS, Android, Mac)

    Hey, Townshippers!

    Meet our new townsperson ā€” an office worker Richard šŸ“§ Today he's delighted to invite you to a cup of coffee ā€” and to the newest update of the game! It's now available to all our iOS, Android and Mac players šŸ¤—


    šŸ³ Join the fishing tournament to set new records!
    šŸ‘» Celebrate Halloween together with Emma and friendly ghosts: Trick-or-Trade kicks off in the magical castle.
    šŸ­ The Bubble Gum Festival will open its doors: get gumballs from the gumball machine to earn event points and win prizes!
    ā›µ Ride a wave in the Ancient Legends season and train for Enchanting Oasis!
    šŸš‚ Come first in the Transport Magnate and Mine Time competitions: stay tuned to be all set and ready for the events!


    šŸ’Ŗ Happy Times offer: make sure to be in time for when all your actions in the game earn you 50% more XP!
    šŸ’° Help your friends and co-op members only for 1 Township cash during the Helping Hand offer!


    šŸš© 3 new town expansions.

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