Hi, I'm Kamil and I'm from Poland. Fristly sorry for my English. I think it's quite good but You know. In Polish schools don't teach to much.

By the way.

I'm a Township player since 2015 or 2016 i forgot this. Some days ago, i changed a phone from Huawei P9 to Motorola G7 Power. On Huawei I had all my stats and progress, but on Morotola there is nothing. I've got only my achivements from Google Play Games App. When I installed Township on new device, I can't restore my all town. I had 88, or 89 level nad 96/99 achivements completed. I was linked to Facebook in all my game, and there isn't any pop up windows with my old town. On screen. I wrote this to Playrix Support week ago, and there isn't any info about my account.

In Homescapes, and Gardenscapes i've got all my stats and progress, but I didn't play for year, or year and a half.

My town Called Chorzow, and I don't want to build this city again.
Please Help.