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Thread: Building materials required - number needed to build displayed

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    Building materials required - number needed to build displayed

    It would be great to see how many of each building material is needed for a community building or zoo enclosure before buying/building. I was sitting on a lot of material and trying to lessen my barn inventory so selected an expensive building and Inexpensive zoo enclosure; the zoo finished first and now I’ll be short on material needed to install the community building. I would have held off installing the zoo to increase my town population. Now I’ve got money tied up sitting waiting for windows.

    I didn’t see this previously suggested but apologies if I missed.

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    Hi Penaltyshot welcome to the forum . I agree it would be helpful to see in game what building materials CBs and enclosures needed. Since that doesn't exist you should find these threads linked below useful .

    New CB Building Materials List

    Zoo Enclosures Township Wiki

    This is for ios/android/kindle and mac. If you are on Windows they will have different requirements
    Last edited by Downton; 10-06-2019 at 07:52 PM. Reason: Thanks Barb. I forgot earlier CBs not in the above list :)

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    Hi Penaltyshot! I listed the building Wiki lists in another thread ( but will repeat them here:

    CB -

    Houses -

    Factories -

    Farming -

    Special -

    Downton has already linked you to the zoo enclosures so you should be covered now.


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