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Thread: Not getting mining tools from trains

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    Not getting mining tools from trains

    Is this on purpose because of the event? I have not gotten ANY mining tools for 3 days. Yes, three days. And I'm sending off trains pretty quickly so I can get them back soon. Still no mining tools. Anyone else have this issue?

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    I am receiving mining tools, but barn upgrade items have been missing from my trains for a couple days. I think it's just random.

    Have you started the mining event? I recommend everyone do at least the minimum 7 levels to start. They award us with a bunch of tools just for playing that far, way more that it takes to mine 7 levels.

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    Yes, I started the even early this morning. More trains came in since I posted this and still no mining tools. This is so frustrating.

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    Next batch just came in. Still no mining tools.

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    Still none

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    Another train ...... no tools.

    This is 4 days now. Yep ....

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    Oh wow ....... still none

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    Funny enough my trains carry the usual quota of mining tools.

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    Awesome. I still have none

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    I’ve noticed a lack of barn buildings tools recently. Train after train and nothing.

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