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Thread: Please explain XP points

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    Please explain XP points

    I have often wondered about these mysterious points. Not all factories require them. But they do gobble up quite a few ingots. Does it really help to upgrade my factories with these points??? What would happen if I decided to just go to level 27 and forget about the XP? Do they help with anything?

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    There was another recent discussion explaining the XP and upgrades, which you can find HERE. If that doesn't answer your question and you still need clarification, let us know.
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    We have little choice about doing the XP upgrades in the Academy of Industry if we want to upgrade other features like adding a shelf or shortening the production time. After we upgrade those features, it won't let us upgrade them again until we've also upgraded gold and XP. For each feature shown, they indicate what factory level we need to reach upgrading other features before we can improve that one again.

    Here's an illustration:


    In this example, I have already done all the shelf upgrades possible, and the little 14 on the clock means I can't upgrade time again until the factory is level 14. It's at 12 now, so I need to upgrade gold and XP again before I can upgrade the time.

    So, we have to choose between getting the extra XP (almost universally unwanted) or not getting the improved time and extra shelf.

    As for sitting at Level 27 indefinitely, it isn't possible to play this game without accumulating XP and leveling up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post

    As for sitting at Level 27 indefinitely, it isn't possible to play this game without accumulating XP and leveling up.
    Not for yourself, but for your factories it is I have several factories sitting at lvl 27 with their 50 % time, as the OP asked about.

    And btw, dutchie, I have 2 or 3 where the products require ore also, so I buy their products and don't upgrade them for a long time to come.

    so, our own levelling up is something else, and can't indeed be hindered. I just got ONE brick for "developping my town". gawd, they are so generous.

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    Here’s a graphic I made explaining how xp is calculated:

    Ignore the zoo xp as they have changed it with this update so it no longer gives the individual product xp, no longer valid
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