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Thread: Accidently deleting helicopter order

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    Accidently deleting helicopter order

    I believe there should be an undo button for when you press to delete an helicopter order. It can be really frustrating if you press it by accident and its a big order .

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    I too would love to see a "are you sure you want to delete this order" screen, much like on the regatta task board. On more than one occassion I have accidentally deleted an order I didn't mean to delete. Not to mention my touch screen is touchy. Would it really be that difficult to add?

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    Probably not technically difficult, although it does cost server space to "remember" these many things for undoing someone's *choices*, but a lot of players here, myself included, have contradicted the suggestions of a confirmation button in the past already. The reason is that it disturbs/hinders game play, when deleting many requests, many at once, and again and again (much more than playing a bit slower for one's decision making and accuracy).

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    Personally I don't think it's needed. I woukd find it a hindrance to have to confirm what I want to do.
    Deleting a heli order just means you wait fir another and as they are constant we don't really lose anything.
    The 30 minute wait can be a bit tedious though.
    I delete on purpose a lot of the orders, because I won't pay the goods for the return.

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    I also like the ability of being able to delete multiple orders in a matter of seconds without the hindrance of an "Are you Sure" popup.

    Perhaps they could add this feature in the additional settings for those who would like the feature.

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    Well thought Ethan,
    That would be one way to do it.
    Not sure Playrix will want it as a Seperate feature though to the one we already have.
    But hey good idea.

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