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Thread: Ancient Legends Regatta - Race 1/4 - is awful - excessive task amounts 😱😱

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    Ancient Legends Regatta - Race 1/4 - is awful - excessive task amounts 😱😱

    • Excessive task request volumes
    • Lack of variety in Golden 135 pt level
    • We just got 1 with - 13 grapes πŸ‡( 2 Trips to Olivia 🌴), 34 Train Cart Task’s + coins (90% Of individual coin task)

    😱😱😱 Ridiculous for a single task...
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    Unfortunately, you just have to keep dumping those tasks that are too unwieldy to complete. It would be nice if these combos were of a higher point value, but that's a different matter. Good luck with your dumping.

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    I sat out this regatta for the first time since I stated playing 15 months ago. My sister brought us in 3rd. I will play solo next week while she takes a break. If we both sat out we drop out of gold, so we are taking turns. I have complained about lack of a variety of doable 135 tasks for a year through the game and on the forum.

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    I am a solo racer in gold league. Haven’t started racing the current regatta as all interest in doing so has evaporated. It’s not as if the rewards are all that great at race end. Why stress myself when Playrix seem so determined to make 135 point tasks scarce. It just isn’t worth the hassle. My little yacht isn’t leaving port anymore until further notice.

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    This one seems to be all about trains. If not trains, then train crates, if not those, then combo tasks with trains or crates. People are already sick of them and we've three more weeks to go.

    We are seeing very few tasks for doable crops or animals, almost nothing that made any sense without the 2x booster.

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