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Thread: Add a rules tab in the co op

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    Add a rules tab in the co op

    I think that there should be a separate tab in the co op for the co op rules. Because i want to know the rules for the co op im in. I have asked questions and everyone is really active but no one will answer my questions about co op rules and so i think it would be nice to have a separate tab where i can go to read the rules.
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    Yep, that would be very helpful!
    The "Separate Tab For Co-op Rules (that are public for players considering joining)" has been asked for so often that it made it to the Frequently Suggested Ideas-list, which was set up to have one convenient place for the Devs to find our wishes.
    So the answer to you is "there is hope"
    (although I really wouldn't mind they'd look there more often, w/o fiddling with stuff that exactly no-one asked for!)

    The 2nd thread, which you'd best check out also, is - also here in the Wishlist subforum - the other sticky about things that the Devs said won't be implemented (and I also like to give the hint that they indeed gave 2 reasons in there, a bit general, but they are there).

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