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Thread: In memoriam: Kim aka Sweetness

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    So sorry to hear, such a sweet kind soul has passed, her heart always came through in all her posts💕 may she be celebrated in Heaven and her loved ones covered in prayer

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    My heartfelt condolences for her family at this time.
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    Very sorry to read of the passing of Kim aka Sweetness . . . A truly fitting name that perfectly described her. My condolences to her loved ones.
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    So sorry to hear such sad news, my thoughts are with all her family and friends at this time.

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    This breaks my heart. Kim was a very dear friend; she saw the good and fun in everyone she met and everything she did. She loved her fountains, lol, and in loving memory of her I will put mine out in my town's square.
    She and I were founding members of the bonker's and sucker's spending clubs and I sure do miss those crazy days here on the forum. If ever you felt down, all you had to do was come here and read her posts. She believed every day was a precious gift and she shared that gift with all of us.
    My deepest sympathies to her real life family and friends. But boy, I bet she was the life of the party and now she is at the greatest party of all (and I am sure she is demanding more fountains!)
    Damn girl, miss you already....
    Fly high, sweetie, fly high
    Love you, Score
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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    Dear forumers,

    She was one of the most kind and friendly persons I have ever met online. Greeted every newcomer here and made them feel welcome. Posted in excitement about the development of her town, and how she was 'helpless' against having to buy every fountain - several times.

    I am so, so sad.
    So sad to see this...she was truly a golden soul.
    I can only reiterate what DD has said, and everyone else's memories of her.
    My Thoughts and Prayers will be with her family and everyone that held her close in their hearts.

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    Aww so sorry to hear such sad news. She was a very bright spark, bless her My thoughts are with her family.
    Forever living in hope lol

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    I’m sorry to hear it. She was very special. All of you who knew her were very lucky.
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    Rest in peace Kim, my English is not good enough to find the right words. I always liked your posts, they were so friendly, encouraging and heart warming. My thoughts are with your family!
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    I wish words were enough to express the feelings held by those that will miss her. Though I was only lucky enough to interact with her on a few occasions she was very kind and welcoming truly a bright soul that maybe lost to us now but never forgotten. My deepest condolences to her loved ones and I will send all the positive energy I have their way as I’m sure Kim would have wanted.
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