Dear forumers,

I had emailed Kim aka Sweetness123 a few weeks ago, when I noticed her town (on my friends list) had a different name and Coop, asking her what is happening.

When seeing Downton's post

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This made me think how I really enjoyed meeting Kim (Sweetness), and haven't seen her for a while now either .
I emailed again to ask how she is, and this time I got a reply from her husband who told me that Kim passed away on August 6, 2019.
If it is in your belief, he and her mother would appreciate it, if you kept them in your thoughts and prayers, as the loss was so sudden and is still so hard.

< the picture with her and her mother from her profile here

She was one of the most kind and friendly persons I have ever met online. Greeted every newcomer here and made them feel welcome. Posted in excitement about the development of her town, and how she was 'helpless' against having to buy every fountain - several times.

I am so, so sad.