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Thread: Island Question for you'all😁

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    Island Question for you'all😁

    If I have all my islands at 50% and all of the goodies (shrimp, coconuts, plums, olives, etc) at 10%, would i need to send an ingot to get 3 of each of these acutraments and if so why should I continue to smelt the lumps of ore cause there are a lot of them and they are taking a lot of room in my poor little barn. I could be saving for something else
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    Yes, you would still have to send ingots to the islands, but the type of ingot will change. Instead of a platinum ingot, you'll be able to send gold, instead of gold, you can send silver, and so on.
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    Thanks for the info. I would think that as many ingot s you have to save for each level when you finally get them all done they would reward you with 3 of each of the fruit. I thought I had read that somewhere. I don't see a need to continue getting a ton more ingots. I will just send a platinum bar and get it over with. Does anyone have the total number for the islands? If so do you see any advantage? Thanks again

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    Ingots do take up barn space, but the ore that comes from the mine is not stored there. It is stored in the mine until we use it.

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