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    Film director

    Not sure if I'm late to the party, but it was bugging me who the NEW film director looked like. Then I watched Jay & silent Bob strikes back, and it hit me, he looks a lot like Kevin Smith, is one of the devs a fan?

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    Hey Woodyville. Last year when the video guy was changed kitty mentioned he looked like Kevin Smith also. Others seemed to think Spielberg. A link to the thread and kittys post is below :

    What do you think of the new movie guy?

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    Just glad Woody Allen got replaced!

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    I liked Woody Allen more...
    Level: 76

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    I don't care what he looks like i would just like him to come back back. I lost him at level 83 and haven't seen him since. it's a shame because all my team mates still have him.I'm at level 111 and I could use him cause I'm always losing my t cash on those side games, & I'm a poor lil old lady who doesn't use real money

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    I liked the Woody Allen image and animations better too. I agree the newer one is a spoof on a younger Spielberg.

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    Nah he's too podgy for Spielberg, definitely Kevin Smith

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