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Thread: 6th time for everything in my zoo has disappeared.

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    6th time for everything in my zoo has disappeared.

    Why does this keep happening? Once again I've open a ticket the only way I can through the gear icon, but you always tell me I must do it through the game. Come on tech support FIX the dang problem with the zoo. I'm on my 5th email trying to enplane ONCE AGAIN. your zoo sucks. Everything is missing. I list all of the items but you keep telling me to open a ticket through the game. AGGggggggg

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    how to create a ticket

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    This same thing is happening with me. I updated Township and now my zoo is gone. After contacting them by using: settings, help and support, then contact us, I got the reply:

    Unfortunately, to solve your issue, we need some technical information about your game and device. Please submit a new request directly from the game:
    1. Open the game.
    2. Go to Settings -> Help and Support.
    3. Proceed to any article in any section.
    4. Tap the No button in the lower-right corner and then tap Contact Us.
    5. Choose a category that matches your problem, describe the situation and tap Send.

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    I lost my zoo this morning, I can't believe that this issue hasn't been resolved yet. This has been going on too long to not be resolved for everybody and to not happen any more. This is ridiculous to say the least!!!

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    lost my zoo again for 4th time not happy

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