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Thread: Wondering where Cobalt Banana is

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    Thank you for the code to find you in game Cobalt. As always it is such a pleasure to visit. I confess my own town is getting very full, lol. The decorations are one of the biggest joys of the game to me, and I love visiting towns that are just as passionate about them .

    You certainly have been missed, and it would be lovely if you are able to stop by and see us more .

    Best Wishes Downton
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    It’s so nice to hear from you Cobalt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt Banana View Post
    _DD_, thank you for pointing me to this as well.
    Thank you for replying, Buddy, in both threads.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt Banana View Post
    I don't see myself doing what I once did, but perhaps I can stop by more, and keep in touch better.
    I hope for that and, having re-read your interview when Twilight posted the link, and also your 2 latest posts now, I like to think that quite much of what we liked in your postings - incl. kindness, humour and some different ways of approaching topics - is still there, cos you simply ARE that way. You described it yourself.
    So it shouldn't be too much work, just (don't forget us, and yes-pls) post a bit more often than the last weeks - sophisticated stories... not required just some "normal" stuff and a comment here and there from our neighbour!

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    Cobalt, so odd that this thread was posted, as I was feeling the same thing others were.

    I am not what you would call a forum regular, but I well remember my trip to your town, as I PM’d you about it, it made such an impression.

    Of course I gave it a like!

    Thanks so much for adding it into your sig, so that those of us who want to gaze at your amazing masterpiece can. Sometimes, one needs that exact sort of pick-me-up. In fact, I’m on my way to visit it now…

    Best wishes to you in life, and hope to see you around the forum sometime! Keep making your town awesome. <3
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