I have a wish which could be rather simple I guess cause it fits objects that are already here.

1. I think The Castle has become not a very serious one after introduction of many new special buildings.
It is too small comparing to the rest which gives it a feeling of being built by a poor man or like someone intended to build a fake one for entertainment for the Zoo or Aquapark. It's ok, but it's not as serious as it should be comparing to other special historic buildings. So could You kindly update it? I know it's gonna be difficult to make it larger in terms of space occupied, cause people have it in place already but at least taller? With some defensive walls right at the edge of the space to join with defensive walls outside of it to fortify some older parts of the town?

2. And when it comes to defensive walls why not have them as well? Many cities have them. Around old towns. I'm sure it'll bring some fresh ideas to people who care about 'urbanistic' and 'historic' perspective.