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Thread: Need a compromise for reserves for interseason

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    Need a compromise for reserves for interseason

    My co-op has always used reserves for intersession by using red x in chat with a running list of what is being prepped. Over the last few months we have doubled in size to 17 members & some don't like this system they just want to grab & not check chat. Is there a compromise?

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    We add the reserved task to our town name. Example: precious bananas. I wish they would add the reserve to this week as well. Still doesn’t always work.

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    In our co-op when we know we can do a certain task we post a message in the chat as follows:

    TASKS: Betty has Bananas x24, Frank has Boots x7, etc.

    If there happens to be two of the same task in different chests then in that same line we would say: Betty has Bananas x24 in then Golden (blue) Chest with cotton x200 and shrimp x8

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