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Thread: Comedy Quiz!

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    Comedy Quiz!

    So i want to see what all everyone knows about 1900's comedy. Can you answer these questions?
    1. What TV sitcom features an african american couple and their african american maid, who loves to tease her employer?
    2. What TV sitcom features a family of a grandmother, her son and daughter in law, her grandson and next door neighbor, iola boylen?
    3. What army sitcom features the 4077 army hospital unit?
    4. What family sitcom features a father his three sons and father in law, Bub?
    5. What family sitcom features a father, mother, and 2 sons, Wally and Beaver?
    6. What 1900's sitcom features a redhaired woman with her cuban husband and their landlords, ethel and fred?
    7. What navy sitcom features a commander and his crew with their captain and japanese PW that own the PT 73?
    8. What sitcom features a wonky wacky family with a father mother grandmother uncle and 2 children pugsley and wednesday?
    9. What sitcom features a frankenstein, his bride, a neice and child, eddie?
    10. What sitcom features a man, his wife and talking horse?

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    1 the Jefferson's moving on up to the Eastside

    2 mama's family

    3 M.A.S.H

    4 my 3 son's

    5 leave it to beaver

    6 I love Lucy

    7 MC Hales navy

    8 Adams family (snapping fingers)

    9 The Munster's

    10 Mr.Ed

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    Some more of my favorites
    1. What sitcom features an advertising executive and his wife who is a witch?
    2. What sitcom features a group of tourists stranded on an island?
    3. What sitcom features a pilot and a magic bottle?
    4. What sitcom features a group of bumbling cavalry men in the American west?
    5. What sitcom features a man and his son who own a junk yard?

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    1. Bewitched

    2 Gilligan's island

    3 I dream of genie

    4 F troop

    5 Sanford and son

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    I love them too! All great ones, Katville. And yes on all guesses kimmie.

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    Ummm, when I opened this I thought I wouldn't know any of them, but I knew them all! I would say more 60s and maybe early 70s==the 90s were the re-runs. :-)

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    Mm out of fifteen I got 4
    MASH, Adams Family, Bewitched and Steptoe&Son.

    It's frightening how much of our General Knowledge depends on where we grow up.
    Having watched quiz shows like Weakest Link / Who wants to be Millionaire in several countries I fail miserably at the "really easy" questions such as 'who had a top ten hit with "insert your favourite golden oldies", but stand a slightly better chance in 'harder' rounds asking about authors/composers/ history/geography.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckeyes View Post
    Ummm, when I opened this I thought I 60 freispiele ohne einzahlung, but I knew them all! I would say more 60s and maybe early 70s==the 90s were the re-runs. :-)
    Me too!
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