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Thread: Aerial Challenge: Prize Wheel

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    I just spun for the second time (270).

    I won 2 slabs.

    I'm hoping my next spin is a better prize. I feel like I'm on a game show. "Come on, big money, big money!"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Elaine051 View Post
    I wonder does this mean an end in all future events to the assigned rewards? It means we went from getting 2 decorations per event, to 1, and now a small chance of winning a lower value decoration. I will bother less with events if this will be the case. I always completed all personal rewards just to get that last expensive decoration. Seems like we have to now buy them all, ie spend more Tcash , and Playrix is no longer giving us a guaranteed amount of tcash to play the event ( e.g. the first reward was always tcash).
    I, too, hope this won't be the new normal. We went from occasional global co-operative events to 100% individual competitive events. We went from winning several new decos as personal rewards to one. Now our rewards are random. Not a motivation for me. I like to know what I am working for ... it helps me determine how much time and product to invest into an event.

    My third spin have me two paints. Better but still not terribly exciting.

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    Wow! Brilliant business decision by Playrix. Seems like all of the emphasis on spending T-cash to progress in recent events has been leading up to this. It appears that people who want to win decorations or other things aren't spending enough money, so now they're trying to entice gamblers. Obviously they are a business and their aim is to make money, but I think this takes the game to a different level.

    On a personal note, I don't usually do events because the prizes aren't things I particularly want, and I know I don't have much chance of coming in the top 3 because of people who spend loads of T-cash. But I will play this one at my own slow pace just to see what I win

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    2 slabs ! So disappointing, esp after you got 1 slab in round 1.

    Having looked closer at the wheel, I see we only have a 1 in 22 chance of getting that item we might really want! My wheel has 22 triangles anyway.

    I'm also guessing that the colour coding is significant, and that we have a higher chance of getting a green coloured low value item and much less of a chance of a pink high value decoration. The wheel looks enticing, but a 1 in 22 chance of a small decoration is terrible odds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stella Eaton View Post
    Because it’s so random I’m disinclined to keep playing. Guaranteed prizes alway made me strive to get them. Luck of the drawer isn’t an incentive for me.
    Exactly. I assume I am not going to get the thing I want so why waste the resources. The goal 5 reward was the primary thing that motivated me to do these events.

    That's a lot of cupcakes and cookies and cheese and jellybeans and whatever for one slab. From those 3 chest/ pick one rewards we saw after goal 5, we already know they rig the odds on these gambling events to give the junk prizes most of the time. About 90% of the time I got the smaller tcash reward, rarely the non tcash item (which was usually actually worse than 3 or 4 tcash). I think only once in many, many chests did I get the larger tcash reward, which still wasn't much. So clearly it was not simply 1 in 3 odds of any reward and none of it was worth what we spent to get there. I imagine their wheel is rigged the same way.
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    I got 1 slab and then 2 gold ingots. Hoping the next spin is better...

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    There are moves to ban gambling elements (loot boxes) from games played by minors so think Devs headed in wrong direction with this one. However it may make people play a little longer. I usually work hard to get all personal goals then only carry on if there's a chance of placing top 3 and a regatta task.
    Haven't tried it yet but really dislike the spin to win idea.

    Any hints as to what to upgrade first on event plane?
    From memory flying low better than climbing high?

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    I like events and reaching personal goals. I don`t like this change at all. One lucky wheal is quite enough. As if any last changes in play get to worse. Very disappointed.
    By the way, my first reword was 3t-ch.

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    Underwhelmed is an understatement. No one in my co-op likes this change. The incentive is gone and having to buy every decoration from both Township's birthday and the aerial challenge? There's no reward in that.

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    My third spin (350), I won 5 bronze ingots.

    Not great, not terrible.

    Still waiting for big money, big money. 😀

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