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    Aerial Event - Spin the Prize Wheel!

    This is new & different!

    I'll admit that I haven't earned the first 200 tokens yet, so haven't had the pleasure of trying it out.

    Cool way to mix it up.

    Though I'll admit the planner in me liked knowing what my personal goal prizes would be.

    Off the top of my head, I saw as prizes:

    50 T cash

    8 t cash

    3 t cash

    5000 tokens

    1 topaz gem

    1 glass

    1 slab

    1 brick

    Bumblebee & pink flower decoration

    Inflatable plane deco

    1silver ingot

    2 bronze invite

    1 tnt

    2 dynamite

    A cow avatar

    Those are what I can remember.

    Thoughts? 😀

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    After the first spin you need 270 for the next spin which offers better prices (as far as I can see).

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