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Thread: Aerial Challenge: Prize Wheel

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    These are the results of my spins so far:

    2 bronze ingots
    1 nail
    1 booster "Active Cooperation" (have got already 7 of them, useless for a co-op of only two players)
    World Tour deco
    7 Tnt
    4 gold ingots

    I very much hope that the old system will come back again ...

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    Can I just say that I love that we are posting our spin results?! 😀

    I love having some idea of what is "normal."

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    Quote Originally Posted by BJK14 View Post
    I'll trade you! I need glass for my computer store and am dumping bricks and slabs left and right.

    (Just joking, I know we can't trade.)
    😂😂😂 actually having a place to trade is a good idea. Playrix take note! 😀

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    2nd spin two bricks
    3rd spin 9 Pickaxes
    4th spin World tour!
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    Ok so right now I am hating the randomness!

    Spin 9 is purple co-op booster (I now have 7)
    Spin 10 is red co-op booster (I now have 2)

    Both are worthless to me as I am a solo sailor. Sure hope that's the last of those I win. A new spin costs me a lot now!

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    My eighth spin (1100) I won 5 emeralds (green gems).

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    My earnings so far
    1. 3 tcash
    2. about 5.000coins
    3. 5 dynamite
    4. world tour
    5. Inflatable plane
    6. 18 tcash
    I'm curious if it is possible to win the 100 tcash. That would be great.

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    I won the world tour deco last spin and I'm pretty sure the wheel is rigged to help us get that one.

    My wheel was spinning along pretty fast, then slammed on the brakes and even seemed to back up a little to stop in that wedge. In my earlier spins, the wheel slowed more gradually to a halt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    I won the world tour deco last spin and I'm pretty sure the wheel is rigged to help us get that one.
    I am hoping for this. In my last spin it clearly put on the brakes one cell before that.

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    6th spin - 7 silver ingots
    7th spin - cow avatar.

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