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Thread: Aerial Challenge: Prize Wheel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    Second spin. I won a fill crate coupon:

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    I got this one too, as well as one (1) glass...

    Agree with the majority of posts...not to enthused with this type of prize set up for an event. Now maybe as a daily reward in addition to the daily login reward...I could go for long as the prizes are changed out at least every month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me Me Big Boy View Post
    This is new & different!

    I'll admit that I haven't earned the first 200 tokens yet, so haven't had the pleasure of trying it out.

    Cool way to mix it up.

    Though I'll admit the planner in me liked knowing what my personal goal prizes would be.

    Off the top of my head, I saw as prizes:

    50 T cash

    8 t cash

    3 t cash

    5000 tokens

    1 topaz gem

    1 glass

    1 slab

    1 brick

    Bumblebee & pink flower decoration

    Inflatable plane deco

    1silver ingot

    2 bronze invite

    1 tnt

    2 dynamite

    A cow avatar

    Those are what I can remember.

    Thoughts? 😀
    Its the same here. I think it will be really fun though.

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    I've done a few spins. I couple duds, a couple decorations a booster for extra stuff. The last one i got was 20000 coins plus fuel!

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    My sixth spin (680?) I won 2X Field Harvest lab booster.

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    First spin got 3 picks. Miss the old system, I liked the goals. I want my avatar for completing!

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    Ok I have done 8 spins so far:

    2 Paint
    Around the World deco
    1 ruby
    4 good bars
    Cow avatar
    3 rubies

    My wheel now has 36 slots on it. Some crud (dealer coupon, decos I already have, co-op booster worthless to me as a single sailor), lots of good stuff (gems, ingots, regular boosters, big coins), and some fabulous stuff (purple boosters and big tcash ... one is $100!!).

    Now the amount of tokens needed between spins is getting pretty staggering. Esp. since I am really really lousy at this event. So I don't know how many more spins I have in me. Sure would like one of those purple boosters though! Lol

    I think I still like the old style of personal goals acquisition better.

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    My seventh spin (810) I won the Cow avatar.

    I'm just meh about it.

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    Seems like the rewards are not so random after all. 4th tends to be the around the world deco, 7th the cow avatar (meh).

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    3rd spin world tour deco

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    4th spin - World Tour deco. 5th spin - 1 red gem.

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