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    The Aerial Challenge Event Decor

    Hi Everyone!

    Here's the new (and old) decor for the Aerial Challenge event:

    Here's the place to share any old and new designs you came up with
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    Thanks, dread and Nevada!

    ... ONE new deco.
    of 16.

    Playrix is really looking after long-time players.

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    Thanks Playrix, I only play for the personal rewards, now I no longer need to do that. Great job.

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    At the moment the only missing decorations in my Town/Stock are the inflatable Plane and Bee and the Globe.
    But who knows what the new Wheel will bring during this Event.
    For the picture above I added my adapted Townsign.

    Maybe someday I will integrate the Aerial Exposition (at the moment in my Museum parc) with my Township Aeronautic and Space Area(TASA).
    But therefore more 'space' is needed without loosing too much Green in the area, so time will tell...
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