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    Event Decor Repeat Cycle

    With the Aerial Challenge coming up I'm curious if Playrix has changed up their event decoration offerings in the past. I have plans for both the Fly-Seasoned Friends and the Amphibious Aircraft. Looking in the Wiki, I see they are usually offered in two different challenges, Spring and Fall. While I understand that none of our members have a crystal ball to predict the future, you do have years of game experience. Does Playrix usually stick to the scheduled offerings as seen in the past or do they sometimes switch it up?

    Part of why I ask is the recent 'clearance sale' for birthday week. Some of the items on my wish list were offered (occasionally under modified names). That made me wonder if Playrix might offer more decorations per event or (gasp!) develop new decorations.

    Thanks for any insight. Barb

    ETA: The event has started and both decorations I was looking for were included in the sale listing.
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