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Thread: Wondering where Cobalt Banana is

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    Wondering where Cobalt Banana is

    As the title says. I haven't seen him on the forum for a while. Without details of a Co-op I can't visit his town. I really miss having a look around. Cobalts love of decorations made visiting a pleasure . Anyway just hoping he is well and crossing fingers I can make a trip to Daliscapes soon!

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    I have wondered the same...i miss the township times...

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    I hope he is well too...his stories were what inspired me to write mine
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    yep, miss him, too.

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    His current, sometimes cryptic but always funny columns were really something to look forward to.
    Fingers crossed one day ...

    And Johnalex, there is a Domino effect! Your thread about sheep inspired me to start telling my stories
    Really thankful for the time in this place called home and for keeping it a good place to keep coming back to
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    I was also wondering where he is. I really enjoyed his reviews of different town decorating themes. Hope he returns one day.
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    Johnalex posted a few days ago.

    I miss reading their stories too,
    I sure hope Cobalt is ok and pops in soon X

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    Haven’t seen him since the zoo changed. I was really looking forward to a Township Times on that subject.
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    After reading Cobalt Banana has been mia I went on a search to see if I could find him...I did not.

    But I did find this post.

    Here's hoping all is well with you Cobalt!
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    Twilight, the "Playrix fb page" doesn't have a working link on it - ?

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