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Thread: quick question about interseason regatta

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    quick question about interseason regatta

    a few of members have a question.
    if a task or 2 have been completed in a chest and someone dumps the chest, do we lose the tasks completed?
    also the same, if 1 or 2 are completed and the 3rd times out, do we lose the completed tasks?

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    When tasks are completed, the points earned are added immediately to the total co-op score. If one task in the chest is failed/timed out afterwards, you keep the points, they are not subtracted, but the chest is automatically failed (you can't complete any other tasks in that chest, even if one is in progress).
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    I do not like this system. I was almost finished with my task with plenty of time and because the other person didn’t complete theirs in time, mine was canceled. The basket idea is not very good. Very frustrating.

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