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Thread: Township 6th Birthday

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    Pretty underwhelmed I was expecting some sort of special decoration but nope... granted since the whole flags incident I’m not looking to spend my hard earn money on this game but still I’ve noticed an extreme downturn in decoration sells, in fact I can’t even remember the last time we had a decoration cash option... hmm guess the developers have decided to be lazy about more than just community inclusion....
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    I was collecting TC from the House of Luck when the birthday notice popped up so that's probably where my confusion started.

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    I would have liked a special decoration to mark the occasion, so yes I was a bit disappointed. An avatar is so much more limited (as in can only use one at a time). If they introduced the idea Talpa had here, then it would be lovely. Basically the ability to display our Avatars as flags. Just my thoughts .

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    Ladies and Gents please hold your horses!
    15 new (but some, maybe all offered as special gift for cash) decorations in store available and with Discount!
    Isn't that the present we were have been waiting for?
    It was for sure on the Wish list.
    Many thanks Devs and Happy Anniversary!
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    For me this is a great opportunity to buy decorations I ever wanted, with tcash. Thank you playrix and Happy Birthday!
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    Thank-you Playrix!

    Love all the 6th birthday celebrations and think it's a nice touch to offer previous decorations at a discount 😘

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    A very nice touch by Playrix to offer discounted decorations as part of the Birthday Celebrations . A great idea and very unexpected!

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    Many were on my wish list so I'm very pleased. Thumbs up!

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    I added the decorations in the first post of this thread, in case anyone needs to refer to the list.
    The thingamacube is back! 😂
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    Are these always available decorations or are they rereleases? I recognize 3 that I had gotten previously from events but the rest I don’t recognize. Are they always available decorations at a discount? I like to prioritize decor that won’t always be available.

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