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Thread: keeping up with crops & ECT or you could lose money

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    keeping up with crops & ECT or you could lose money

    I think it would be a good idea that player's should have to make sure there crops are watered when they should be if they die we lose money

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    oh goodie, NO, pls. What would be the advantage of THAT? for us players, I mean.

    There have been indeed posts in the past which were very thankful for being able to leave their town alone for some time - due to vacation, other trips, work, other stress ... - and not coming back to withered crops and dead animals.
    Really, what would be good about THAT? Its independence is indeed one of the advantages of this game in comparison with others.

    and more opportunities to pay money?! I doubt there could be given a good reason for it.

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    No thanks. Having to water crops on a regular basis is why I quit a certain very popular game many years ago. Not having to do it is why I like Township.

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    Ok never had that happen, I would of had my yrs avatar but I took a break for about 2 months, when I came back crops were fine and animals were still alive.

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