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Thread: !! SPOILER ALERT Beta Peeks (Sep '19) SPOILER ALERT!!

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    !! SPOILER ALERT Beta Peeks (Sep '19) SPOILER ALERT!!

    Hi Everyone!

    Here are some peeks into the new upcoming update, which includes:

    New buttons and option to group them on the main screen:

    New achievements in the Town Hall:

    New avatars for events and for playing for 6 years:

    Please keep in mind that these new elements are in the beta stage only, and may not appear in the game release as described here, or at all.
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    I look forward to the grouping option!

    There are a few other beta features being tested...are you allowed to post those? Did not want to voice my opinion on a couple I give a thumbs up on and one of the features I am not happy with.
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    Thanks for the beta peeks dread . JJay gave me the info, but great to see the pictures of what we might be getting . I like the idea of grouping buttons, and also having a mining button will be handy as well.

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    Love love love the group settings!!!

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    Thanks, dread

    oh sure, more competitions instead of a return to "working together"... Playrix simply don't listen.

    I hope the missing "on" in the description of the turn on-window is not a sign for the haste in which the new features were created.
    ("turn this feature"? lol)

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    Feeling slightly underwhelmed by this. New profile pictures are just what I would expect with two events and the 6th birthday coming up...the achievements I assume are for Transport Magnate and mining. The buttons, I know some people wanted more buttons, so of course I'm happy for them, I didn't and probably won't use it. Not sure why they are needed, I rarely use the ones we have. An option to remove them all would be nice too.

    Just wondering...any expansions, zoo animals, community buildings?

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    I heard we are to possibly get 3!!! New land expansions
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    I thought zoo button was on the no list. I guess it's just "not at this time" list 😉⏰

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    Quote Originally Posted by specialj501 View Post
    I thought zoo button was on the no list. I guess it's just "not at this time" list ������⏰
    at least it seems to be the case for "(no) Special icon for Port/Zoo/Mine/etc in the main interface".
    Isn't it 'funny' how Playrix works again on THAT list instead of the Frequently Suggested Ideas-list...

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    Does anybody know anything about expansions, new CBs, houses?
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