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Thread: Sculptures of Sand, Carving or Ice related to Township

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbv View Post
    Great videos Ruud - such variety...I swear I could almost smell the flowers!

    Thx guys, I would gladly contribute if I knew how! Also Kenya was the days of photos..remember them lol...the dust from safaris got into my camera ruining it and the negatives..Hey, it was worth it
    I am confident that together we will find a way to share your travel stories.

    For now the last Animal Flower floats:

    Have you ever noticed the Meerkats in the bushes around our Zoo? Not in our Zoo, but also cute: Ring-tailed lemurs

    The Parrots and Cockatoo parade and a family of Snow Owls

    A flaming Peacock and a scene with Seals and Penguins

    A 'provocative' Porcupine and last but not least: the King of Animals
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    Amazing videos about amazing art - thanks Ruud! (took me some time to watch them all, that's why I'm late )
    you're right - huge things they have to build... and so many ppl helping!
    In the Iguana video, I wished they had subtitles (English, f.e.) - some I even understand, lol.
    And the moving pussycat... fantastic!
    The last video had some with wonderful colours! (and people??)

    The photos above give a great connection to TS again
    If I had a garden, I'd want such an animal in it... :-D maybe the peacock, looks more harmless!
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