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Thread: Serenity Now needs a team!

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    Serenity Now needs a team!

    Hi friends! I started a new team and we need active players! Come hang with us! ☺️
    Team name: Serenity Now
    Badge: 4-leaf clover
    Team members: Breigh and Matthew
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    hi Breigh,

    also for you: A bit more info how to find you is needed, as there are 20 groups with the name "Serenity" listed.
    For example the badge and number of members (as some have also the same badge),
    and finally maybe your game name.

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    The team name is Serenity Now, and the badge is a 4-leaf clover, and my game name is Breigh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breigh Sbaratta View Post
    The team name is Serenity Now...
    oha! (I read that "now" as part of the sentence, not the name) Well, only 4 teams then - but indeed a different list. And as Playrix only asks for 3 or 4 starting letters (and the result list did show additions, just not yours!), could have happened that players don't find you.
    So, good you added that
    Good luck!
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