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Thread: Playrix penalized me!

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    Playrix penalized me!

    If you ever want to get the NPC that provides you with Township cash via helicopter tasks, never spend real money on this game. I’ve been playing for quite some time and have spent a large amount of real money on it. I didn’t mind since I enjoy the game and want to compete in the Regatta. I am disabled and an older woman with arthritis so the game is a good source of entertainment and human interaction for me. Friends in my coop informed me they get tons of cash from this NPC which I have never seen in the game!!

    I contacted customer support. They sent me a script with game directions. I contacted them again. Again it was scripted, literally cut and paste from their rule books. I contacted them one last time explaining I know how to play the game but wanted to know why I had not also seen the NPC that gives cash sometimes several times an hour! I was told they could not help me and they have no control over the game and how it works.

    So basically Playrix penalizes players for monetary support of their game. Playrix shame on you. You should be grateful to those loyal players and give them that bonus too. I refuse to invest my money in your game again.

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    Tried looking it up cause never heard of NPC Unless it is abbreviation not seen before. All it pulled up was t-cash and the cheating way to get t-cash. Sorry hope someone knows can help.

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    I do not know what NPC means either but I figure op is talking about the video guy.
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    NPC means non-player character - accord. to Wikipedia = any character in a game which is not controlled by a player. All townies.

    The most we were told is that it is random, who is in which group of seeing certain ingame characters. Some are convinced it is related to ingame purchases (not my experience, though).
    How often someone sees them, if at all, is also highly differently; several times per hour is not the norm.
    But that is obviously what the OP has been told by others.

    What I don't understand is the reply by Playrix "was told they could not help me and they have no control over the game and how it works" - ?? so far they got away quite well with their random statement.
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    Well, my experience is different than yours DD.

    For the first 4 or 5 years I played, I regularly purchased TCash in small amounts for various reasons and in all that time, I never once got the video guy.
    I was also fortunate in winning a few TCash prizes from contests.

    Shortly before I retired, I stopped the spending, for a variety of reasons - I had tons of TCash saved, many of the sale decos were uninteresting to me, etc. Once I stopped spending the video ads started appearing with regularity and in increasing frequency. Now, rarely a deco sale will interest me enough to purchase it. The video ads stop appearing for a few weeks and then start up again. So, for me - the experience has been spend=no ads or don’t spend=lots of ads.
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    I buy the piggy bank pretty regularly and have also purchased the special offer gem bundles sometimes. I spend real money in this game at least once a month, I think. I get the video guy among the helicopter orders pretty consistently. He was gone for a bit but was replaced by the red headed zoo lady showing ads for the new zoo game, but it amounted to the same coins or tcash rewards for watching.

    I've played a different game by a different developer who also sometimes assigned players to different groups for different features (usually new features or new offers, for testing). Their support folks also said they had no ability to move players from one group to another to turn those features on or off, that it was in part of the software files they could not access.

    Whatever the reason a player doesn't get the copter ad guy, based on that experience I am inclined to believe the TS support people re their inability to help.
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    ah, Nana, I didn't mean to say the relation might not be there for some (too many noticing it for that), just that it is not an absolute law, cos there are also many who don't have that context.

    Mayfield, thanks for that background! that might be the same here, although I don't understand why the Devs shouldn't be able to change these groups (not the CS ppl, sure). Unless they have advertizing contract with one company only, who is also solely responsible for that grouping. That would also explain, why they don't consider ingame purchases (not alone, maybe) or have other and/or additional criteria.

    Not that I find that it makes much sense for a company like Playrix, but who knows ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    after all, they also still allow that insanely wrong advertising for (all) their games.

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