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Thread: pls replace dolphinarium!

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    pls replace dolphinarium!

    was horrified to find dolphinarium as one of the community buildings available... I recognize that this is just a game but as such it's still part of culture and having dolphinarium here further normalizes keeping large sentient mammals in enclosures and torturing them for supposed human entertainment. pls reconsider this option and replace with something better and hopefully more sustainable. thank you!

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    Hi m00nster welcome to the forum . This has been requested quite a few times. Below are a few examples of players who feel the same way you do.

    Scrap The Dolphinarium!!

    Dolphinarium: Change To Cruelty-Free Item!!

    Dolphins are not toys


    If you would like to make sure Playrix are aware of your suggestion and thoughts on the Dolphinarium, it is best to make a report to CS from inside your game. See the link below if you need instructions on how to do this:

    How To Contact Township Support (iOS/Android/Kindle)

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