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Thread: Choice of REGATTAS task

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    Choice of REGATTAS task

    Choice of regatta tasks: The tasks of the regatta even if booked can be carried out by another player, even by mistake or voluntarily. The tasks once booked should be exclusively available for the player who made the booking or at least there should be an alert that warns you that you are assigning a booked task.

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    hi Enrico

    there is a warning for the "taker", see the link in this post:

    and also the explanations in that thread about making rules for it in the Coop and looking after they're being observed by all.

    And if you do an Advanced Search with "reservation" in the title, you'll find a lot of threads where players explain, why they do NOT want that the reservation should be exclusive (or cannot be undone or taken) - from players vanishing to reserving for others or the reserve often used as "don't dump this task".
    see also a good explanation here:

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