OK, here's the issue. Recently when Playrix has sent updates to the game, I'm noticing the game freezing and crashing a lot more often than it used to. I addressed this in Apple's Store under the app, and the developer answered back and said for me to delete the app and then reinstall it. My question is this, in doing so won't this delete ALL the progress I've made (I'm at the "Playing for Keys" levels) and have me start back to ZERO??

Has anyone had to do this? They told me if the problem persists to contact them again, but I'd sure hate to start the game all over again as I have quite a few areas done now. The crashing issue is REALLY frustrating as it happens and had happened right in the middle of a move, I used double rainbow blasts to start the game, and when I went back to that level later on, ALL my boosters were gone!

Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated!