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Thread: Trouble during regatta race

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    Trouble during regatta race

    I'm here to know about a sad and strange thing happened in my Co-op during our regatta race.
    One of my classmates while was doing her regatta, she found herself out of the Co-op.
    All of us read in the chat that she quit, but she didn't click anything.
    Pleas help us to know how to get back into the race. We were playing for the world rankings.

    Co-op name is Casal De'Pazzi. Code #CSCEM6

    I hope to hear from you for an answer before the end of the regatta. Thank youScreenshot_20190910-112933.jpg
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    Unfortunately, that means that the player in question left the co-op by their own choosing. There is a confirmation window asking if they are sure they want to leave the co-op, so if they did it accidentally, they must've done it twice.

    They can return to your co-op, with an invitation or simply join, depending on your co-op's setting, but they won't be able to continue to race if they still had tasks left.

    Also, given that this forum consists only of players, if you want an official answer from Playrix, you (or her) should contact them directly from the game. That way, they can also tell her if there was any error that occurred with her game.
    Good luck!
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