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Thread: City market boxes costs

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    City market boxes costs

    I have this game going on 2 different devices, one game on my iPad and another game on my android phone,what I’ve noticed is on my iPad the cost for a new box is 6 Tcash, on my phone it is 9 Tcash, I’m at level 51 On both devices. I just noticed it,why would they be different?

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    Just guessing but maybe the price goes up the more we buy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    Just guessing but maybe the price goes up the more we buy?
    Exactly this.

    Each box progresses in price until they hit 20TC per box.
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    Thank you for the reply’s, I am still learning new things.this is actually the first post I ever started, thank you for the quick responses.

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