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Thread: Nut Island

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    Nut Island

    Hey gang, who doesn't enjoy nuts? There are cashews, macadamia, walnuts, hazel, almonds... just to name a few... 1st problem we would need another cargo ship? But just think banana nut bread, Macadamia cookies, Hazel nut butter & jelly sandwiches, almonds could be added to Asian factory, nuts sprinkled over the top pancakes... I could go

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    My barn is already too full to add more products.

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    I know nuts have been suggested before...just couldn't find those posts...

    We just got peanuts not too long ago and most of us were not happy with that addition as they take way, way, too long to grow. Not sure we want more product.

    Adding another island for new products has also been suggested. Not a popular idea either...unless island time was short....then maybe.

    Another issue would the behind the scenes...programming the game. The ships are a hard core game component....adding another ship would taking the a lot of finagling not to mention space. ( terms...don't know the actual wordage on the

    Lots to consider.
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